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For the moment, the Création ALL team is made up of one person, my name is Alexandre and I am not only the founder of this company but also a father and a full-time IT professional. Création ALL exists only since 2018 but it is the result of more than ten years of experience, passion and countless hours spent in the workshop working with wood. Everything started in the garage of my parents with as a first project, a solid pine computer desk. Once the project was completed, despite the mountain of dust and sawdust, I immediately knew it was the beginning of a great passion. Subsequently, I started to replace the furniture of the house one after the other by creations designed specifically for my needs. I acquired all of my knowledge in a self-taught way so over the years, I read a lot and watched tutorials, I made experiences that led to many mistakes and successes, I improved my techniques, I improved my inventory of tools, I set up several shops and I am constantly reviewing my techniques and my installations to improve my creations.

The purpose of Création ALL is to offer unique, high quality products with both a useful and decorative appeal. All my creations are handmade, in my shop on the south shore of Montreal, Quebec. In addition, the wood used to build my products is locally sourced. I am also very meticulous and I want to offer you products of the same quality that I would expect myself by buying a similar high-end products. When I prepare the wood, I select each piece of wood to identify any defects that would affect the quality and longevity of the product. For any product sold that will come into contact with food, I make sure to use only materials and components that are either approved for contact with food or just 100% natural. You will see the precise list of materials used for each product created.

Your satisfaction is my ultimate priority so if you have any question, concern, special request, do not hesitate to let me know. I will accompany you both in the process before the purchase and in the years that will follow to use your product.

I sincerely thank you for your interest!


Made in Quebec, Canada

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