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Why using 100% pure tung oil or 100% pure hemp oil instead of mineral oil?

I prefer both 100% pure tung oil & 100% pure hemp oil over mineral oil for a very simple reason, it’s not distillated from petroleum :)

What type of wood glue is used to build the cutting boards?

I use Titebond III that is approved for food contact by the FDA. This glue is also waterproof and provide a very strong bond.

Are care instructions included?

Every cutting board comes with a care instructions booklet. By following those instructions, your cutting board will be at it's best year after year.

What are the dimensions of the cutting boards?

The dimensions of each cutting board is written in the title of each respective listing. Please note that there may be a 1/16" to 1/8" variation.

Is there a gift wrapping and packaging option?

Each cutting board is wrapped in brown kraft paper before shipping. The packing slip will not be included unless requested. All the filling contained in the shipping box is either biodegradable or recyclable.

Do you take custom or personalized orders?

If you would like cutting board that has specific dimensions not listed anywhere in the shop listings, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will be very happy to help you. For each custom order, I always try to minimize any waste of wood so there is a chance that during the preparation process, i end up with more strips of wood than your cutting board really requires for it's final dimensions. If it's the case, I will contact you and offer to add it to your custom cutting board at no charge so you may end up with a bigger board at no additional cost. Do not worry if you really require very specific dimensions, all the requirements will be respected.

Wholesale availability

If you require a volume order, please contact me and I will be happy to discuss about your needs. Depending of the volume of the order, a discount will be offered accordingly. Please note that I'm the only one working in my shop so as a "one man shop" there will be a delay that could vary greatly depending on the volume requested.

Can I use mineral oil over the current 100% pure tung oil & beeswax original treatment?

I already converted cutting boards from mineral oil treatment to the 100% pure tung oil & beeswax treatment without any issue but never experienced the inverse. However, in my opinion, i do not see any potential issue of doing so. The most important part is to protect the wood frequently and the product used is simply a personal preference.

Is my cutting board ready to use when i receive it?

Before shipping each cutting board, I always apply a fresh treatment of 100% pure hemp oil & beeswax so after waiting the 48h period recommended to let the wood accommodate to your home environment, your cutting board is ready to be used right away.

What type of oil is used to finish the cutting board?

I only use 100% pure tung oil & 100% pure hemp oil. The brand isn't really important but you need to be careful not to buy some products that use the name "oil finish" or any product that is thinned or polymerized. Some of those products contains strong chemicals and thinners that are not food safe at all. It must be 100% pure oil and nothing else. If you would like to know some trusted online shops that offer excellent quality 100% pure oil, please contact me.

Made in Quebec, Canada

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