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5 year limited

At Création ALL, each product is handcrafted with the greatest attention to detail, quality and durability. The materials used were carefully chosen and assembled with great precision. If a problem should arise with your product related to a material or manufacturing defect, the product is covered by a 5-year limited warranty.​

What does limited mean?

First, the problem giving rise to the claim must prevent the normal use of the product. Ex: The product is completely deformed, cracked, in pieces or other manufacturing or material defect which affects the structural solidity of the product.​

Second, wood is a raw and imperfect material, it may contain slight imperfections, knots, more pronounced color variations, etc. Any minor aesthetic detail which does not affect the structural solidity of the product cannot be considered the subject of a claim.​

Third, any damage resulting from the normal wear and tear of your product cannot be the subject of a claim. Ex: knife marks, damage from impact, bad smell from poor maintenance, etc.​

Fourth, the product must have been used for a non-abusive use, it must not have been exposed to extreme conditions and it must have been maintained correctly and periodically. You will find all the details in the Care Instructions section of this site.​

The claim process begins with an assessment to determine if the problem is covered and that the care conditions have been met. This could be done in two ways:​

  • Contact us by email and attach high resolution photos of the defective product. If we are unable to correctly attest the condition with pictures, we may have to request that you ship the item to our workshop.

  • You can ship it to us directly so that everything is done at the workshop.

Following the evaluation, you will receive certain options in order to be able to get the product repaired at the workshop or obtain a replacement product (equal or greater value) that will be shipped to you. It should be noted that shipping to the workshop is at your expense in all cases. There is however no charge for return shipping to your home.

Made in Quebec, Canada

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