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Personalized Wooden Door Hanger - Fox

Personalized Wooden Door Hanger - Fox

Personalized door hanger that have been laser engraved and cut. All the wood used to make item is sourced locally.

Materials : Black Walnut or Cherry or Maple, Ligna Bio-Supra (natural oils and wax) & Titebond III Wood Glue (FDA approved for food contact).

Dimensions (LxWxH) :
22.86cm (9.5") X 7.62cm (3.5") X 6.35mm (0.25")
27.94cm (11") X  10.16cm (4.5") X  6.35mm (0.25")

Characteristics of the item :
-Unique appearance.
-Personalized by laser engraving.
-Precisely cut by laser.
-100% natural finish.

What is included :
-Selected wood door hanger.


Note: This is a home decor item, not a toy.

    C$16.00 Regular Price
    C$13.60Sale Price
    Excluding GST/HST
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